2000+ 90s Trivia Team Names Ideas and Suggestions

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Best 90s Trivia Team Names Ideas and Suggestions


Microsoft Awful

Gutter is Precious

Miss me, Dirtlock?

Couch ButIhateyoutoo


Butter Bitter about you

Ancient Society, Anxiety

Sleeping Kills

Lap stands

Tastes like feet

Merriam Web stirred me

Spoon full of guilt

Cocktails you win


High scale devour

Cease and Summer

Proper Tea Rights

Blue Mood Mojito

Quiz Master, Go-Go

Blood in hands

Card in a tale

Ring me in ten

Brave Pull

It's all coming back to me

Peace off, my heart

What no, whose turn?

Meh Dunno

Who will save your soul?

Moonwalk on floor

Spice Girls

One Sweet Day

Jack and Rolls

Boys are who?

Dazed and Confused

Smells Like Team Spirit

Jason Waterfalls

Livin’ La Vida Loca

We Really Wanna Zigazig Ah

Nothing Compares 2 Us

Destiny’s Children

Bitter Sweet Company

Barbie Girls

You Oughta Know

Clever Trivia Team Names

Witty Wonka

Head High Web


Face it, Brook!

Liar, I am on fire

Create, then hate

You will lose, that's what Greece said

Philosopher's Tomb

Princess on a Jog

The Debater is Debarred

Dumb Rules

Game of inches

Surprise! Heads High


Stay At Homies

Haus Arrest

Zoom Zealots

Skype Scoundrels

Couch Winners

Google Geeks

Loser Launchers

Whining Winners

Bingo Wings


Quiz Pro Quo

The Right Guess

Let’s Get Quizzical

Kids Who Can’t Read Good

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Gilligans I-win

Cereal Killers


I Am Smarticas

You Cant Quiz With Us

Risky Quizness

Quizly Bears

Quiz In My Pants

Quizmas Carolers

Better Looking Everyday

Breast Friends

Diamond Girls

Cougars Incorporated

Free Birds

Fallen Angels

Digital Divas

Bed, Bath, And Your Mom

Nacho Mommas

Kicking Like Mothers

In One Ear and Out Your Mother

The Yummy Winners

Yo Momma!

Yummy Mummies

Call Mom a Cab

Dearest Sisters

Feisty Females

Drunk Wives Matter

Denver Momelet

How I Met Your Mother

Former Miss Worlds

Girls, Manterrupted

I Got It From My Momma Good Genes

Trivia Empresses

Your Mom’s Illegitimate Children

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

Quizard Of Oz

Herd Of Nerds

Quaz The Night Before Quizmas

Earth, Win And Fire

Smarty Pints

Victourious Secret

Beer Pressure

Jeopardy Rejects


Trebek’s Trekkers

Honey I Shrunk The Quiz

One Team To Rule Them All

Spill The Trivia

The A Team


The Wizipedias

Know It Alls

Never Gonna Quix You Up

Tequila Mockingbird

Al Koholics

The Tree Must Get Beers

Your Name Here

Bed Bar And Beyond

Forrest Grumps

Rehab Is For Quitters

Mind Bogglers

The Think Tank

Superiority Complex

Risky Quizness

As Seen on TV

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Beer

Dumb and Dumbledore

Slyther-in it to win it!

Dumbledore’s Army

Hufflepuffing Our Way to First Place


Snitch in Time

Quizoner of Azkaban

Hilarious Hedwigs

Ron Weasling Our Way to First Place

Dumble-Damn, We Just Won

That’s So Ravenclaw

Accio Beer Here

99 Problems, Snitch Ain’t One

Dead Sirius

Granger Zone

Harry Plotting Our Way to the Top

The Death Eaters

Sweet Sorcerers

You’ll Never Know Our Chamber of Secrets

Taking You to the Deathly Hallows

Raven-clawing Our Way to First Place

All You Can Eat Pink Tacos

Alternative Facts

America’s Best Chance

Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents

At Least we’re housebroken

Awesome Sauce

Big Fact Hunt

Bolivian Boot Weasels

90S Themed Team Names

Baby Got Backs

Intern with the Blue Dress On

Saved by the Swell

Beanie Babies


The Titanics

Super Swimtendo

Fun Bunch

Alternative Facts

We’re Just Guessing!

The Three Must Get Beers

Menace II Sobriety

Nerd Herd


Let’s Get Ready to Stumble!

Question Heirs


Stay At Homies

Haus Arrest

Zoom Zealots

Skype Scoundrels

Couch Winners

Google Geeks

Loser Launchers

Whining Winners

Bingo Wings


Quiz Pro Quo

The Right Guess

Let’s Get Quizzical

Kids Who Can’t Read Good

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Gilligans I-win

Cereal Killers


I Am Smarticas

You Cant Quiz With Us

Risky Quizness

Quizly Bears

Quiz In My Pants

Quizmas Carolers

My Other Outfit Is A Onesie

Mel Gibson – Off Danny Glover’s Christmas Card List

Mr T’s Favourite Yoghurt

Pirates Cos We Arr

Oh No My Pen’s Running Ou…

Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

Dads Night Out

E For Idiot

Make Trivia Great Again

Crystal Methodists

I Am Smarticus

Cunning Linguists


Bi-Curious George

Quizlamic Extremists

Quiz-nose Goes

Hoof Hearted

Titanic Swim Team

Colours That End In Urple

Suck It Trebek

Emergency Brexit

The Wise Quackers

This Was Embarrassing

Menace II Sobriety

Roger And Out

Package Of Rogues

Mums Night Out

We Really Trust The Babysitter

This Isn’t As Good As Cash Cab

Who Let the Moms Out?

Agatha Quiztie

Alternative Facts

Designated Drinkers

Trump’s Hair Stylists

E = MC Hammer

E = MC Hammered

Phoning a Friend

Probably Googling It

Honey, I Shrunk the Quiz

Zoom and Gloom

In Dog Beers, We’ve Had One

Les Quizerables

Let’s Get Quizzical

Let’s Get Ready to Stumble

Periodic Table Dancers

Quizteama Aguilera

Red Hot Trivia Peppers

Rhymes With Orange

Robert “Got No” De Niro (dinero)

Sofa King Smart

Tequila Mockingbird

Three Must Get Beers

Scrambled Eggheads

Trivia Tramps

Quiz in My Pants


Quizzard of Oz

Home Aloners

The Brewsual Suspects

Is This Cash Cab?

Let’s Get Quizzicle

Never Gonna Quiz You Up

Win or Booze

Red Hot Trivia Peppers

Les Quizerables

Funny Trivia Team Names

Bilbo Baggin’ this Win

Most of Our Pursuits are Trivial

Smart Alecs

This is What We Do for Klondike Bars

Winning this Barackoli

The Real Housewives of Trivia Night

Bragging Bros

Winning is Our Middle Name

Johnny Cash-ing in This W

I-Spy With My Little Eye, a Trivia Win

Quizzly Bears

The Katniss Everdeens of Trivia

Breast Friends

Quizzitch Team

Quizarding World of Harry Potter

You’re a Quizard, Harry


Pilsners of Azkaban

Granger Danger

Octothrope Hashtag

Profound Confusion

Pure Roasters

Quiztie Brinkley

Rasping Health Lords

Really Smrt Squad

Red Hot Hossenfeffers

REO Quizwagon

Rhymes with Orange

S Team D

Sacks and Racks

Scott Titsgerald

Shocked The Cynics

Simple Minds

Sizzling Wombats

Slaw Bombs

Smartness Overload

Smarty Pants

Smrt Team

Snapes on a Plane

The Big Fact Hunt

The Golden Snitches

The Greatest Show on Stools


The Mindbenders

The Most Educated People In The Room

The Nation of Quizlam

The Party Planning Committee

The Quizz Rags

The Simpsons

The Smartest Guys in the Room

The Test Eagles

The Town’s Only Intellectuals

The Trivia Troupe

Trump University Valedictorians

Strangers with Candy

Super Cool Party People

Tea Pigs

The Be Sharps

We Drink and We Know Things

We Need No Name

We’re Single Text Us After

We’re With the Band

Whiskey Business

Who Wants Moustache Rides?

Who’s Your Daddy and What Does He Do

Twisted Misters

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Rental Company

Universally Challenged

Vicious Trollops

Pet Holiday Party

We Will Deck Your Halls

Blitzen’s Brazen

Santa’s Little Trotters

Santa’s sweet cookies

Vixen’s Pixies

Festivus Freaks

Team Krampus

A December to Remember

Holiday Hoopla

Silver Bells

Jolly Saint Hicks

The Stocking Stuffers

Team Naughty

The Bouncing Baubles

The Parumpapapums

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Three wise men (or women)

Santa’s Helpers

Chained Reindeers

Hanukah Haus

Jolly Saint Dicks


Sugar Plum Fairies

The Jingle Ballers

Gangsters Wrappers

The Fruitcakes

Silent Knights

Retail- Slave Elves

Jingle Ladies

Merry Quizmas

Jingle Bell Rockout

The Jingle Bells

Chrismukkah Party

The Ho Ho Hoes

Holidaze 2021

A Very Mariah Christmas

1st Annual Goodwill Gala

Santas $8/ Hour Helpers

The Balls of Holly

Holly Berries

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

Scoorge’s Little Helpers

Red Nose Reindeer’s

The Demented Elves

Christmas Cast-off Gift Exchange

Jingle Ballers The Roasting Chestnut

Nutcracker Bash

Santa Stompers

A Very Tipsy Christmas


The Pregnant Virgins

Mulled Wine Militia

A White Elephant You’ll Never Forget

Operation Yuletree

Donner’s Honors

Jack Frost Jubilee

Secret Santa Social

Rudolph’s drinking buddies

The Promise Keepers

Dancer’s Lancer’s

An Evening of Merry Making

Cheese of Nazareth

Cherry Cocktail Potluck

Jingle Ball 2021

Don and the Gay Apparels

Jolly Raunchers

Holly Jolly Holiday Party

Sleigh What?

Holy Rollers

Rein Dears

The Noel- It-All

Yule Ball

The Gingerbread Men

Holiday Movie Marathon

Festivus For The Rest of Us

Grinch Gang

The Maids A Milkin’

A Jolly Good Time

Cocktails and Candy Canes

Peppermint Twists

Gingerbread House Party

Elf for Leather

Tinsel Bells

Lil’ Drummer Boy

Sleigh Belles

A Not- so- Silent- Night

Winter Wingding

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