2000+ Laser Tag Names Ideas and Suggestions

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Best Laser Tag Names Ideas and Suggestions

Orelli Laser

Flow mates

Velvo Crew

Your Skin and Laser Clinic

Good Vibes Laser Shop

Thrill Zone Interactive Fun


Mesmer Laser

UpLay Laser Tag

Sports Award Lasering

Roithner Laser technik GmbH

Bay fair Shopping Centre

Bayside Centre

Eastland Shopping Centre

Med Laser USA

Presario Laser Tag

Laser Cutting Expertise

Precision Laser Services, Inc.

Mega Trex Laser

Laser Wars

The Funplex

THE TEN SPOT Kitchener

Tac TX

Obion Laser Tag Co

Circo blex Laser Tag Co

OCAD Rapid Prototyping Centre

Meta Fit Laser Tag Co

Bullseye Virtual Combat

Play land

Dazzle berry

Freedom Fun USA

Upright Laser Tag Co

Cendent Laser Tag

Quzz Laser Tag Co

The Sharp Shooters

Ultrazone Laser Tag

Dizzy Family Fun

Lazer Crazer


Track Busters

Fun Frenzy Laser Tag

Invasion Laser Tag

No Surrender Laser Tag

Trump Fires


Laser Battlefield

Failing Upwards

Touchy Triggers

Laser Wars

Dog Tagz

Fun Station USA

We'll Tag That

Laser Battles


The Night Lights

Tag Hunters

Foggy Fires

Flash Lights

Laser Legend

John Lennon

Fun City

Lights Out

Comic Lights

Wahooz Laser Tag

The Quick and the Dead

Lazer X

Laser Bounce


Battlefield Colorado

Team Laser Explosion

Code Red Laser Tag

Loveland Laser Tag

Nor Cal Laser Tag

Laser Tagging

Blazer Tag

Power Bolts

Area 51

Laser Quest


The Frickin' Lasers

Commando Laser Tag


Football Nicknames

Christian Company Names

Family Nicknames

Sunny Rays

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Master Blasters


Action Town

Laser Business Name Ideas

Charlestown Square

Lovely Lasered Patterns

Alley Laser Tag

Eurebo Spark

Asclepion Laser Technologies

Preston Laser Tag Co

Midtown Med Spa


Gravotech Group

Laser Cut Mementos

Lazer Rush

Flow Quest

Hair Removal Laser Clinic

Knocker ball & More

Lasered Glassware

Fun Tyde Laser Tag

Laser Artist Canada

Jossver Laser


Victa Fun Laser Tag

1st Glass Etching

One Fex Laser Tag Co

Cape Cod Mall

Laser Bounce

High Chelmer Shopping Centre

Laser Tag Source

Tight Clinic Toronto

Its Game Time

Dan’s Laser Designs

Fireball Mountain

Guns Unlimited USA

Star Edge

OneFex Laser Tag Co.



Preston Laser Tag Co.

Grevett Laser Tag Co.

Primox Laser Tag Co.



Qustron Laser Tag Co.

Aironex Laser Tag Co.


Neroprox Laser Tag Co.

Jaddin Laser Tag Co.

Avonn Laser Tag Co.


Essenex Laser Tag Co.



Mynex Laser Tag Co.

Entenn Laser Tag Co.


Orbinoz Laser Tag Co.


Spectron Laser Tag Co.


Yentex Laser Tag Co.

MetaFit Laser Tag Co.

Catchy Laser Tag Business Names



Nor Cal Laser Tag

No Surrender Laser Tag


Lazer X

Lazer Crazer


Laser Wars

Laser Tagging

Laser Quest

Laser Legend

Laser Bounce

Laser Battles

Laser Battlefield

Invasion Laser Tag

Fun Station USA

Fun Frenzy Laser Tag

Fun City

Dog Tagz

Dizzy Family Fun

Commando Laser Tag

Blazer Tag

Battlefield Colorado

Area 51

Action Town 

VividVibe Laser Tag

ladyWings Laser

CodeTag Laser Tag

Mesmer Laser

SmallPlay Laser Tag

FlyingVibe Laser Tag

LaserFest Laser Tag

Areibell Laser Tag

Odyssey Laser Tag

Alley Laser Tag

Fieston Laser Tag



AstroDew Laser

EliteFun Laser Tag

LaserSpin Laser Tag


Laser Aura


Lorron Laser Tag

UpLay Laser Tag

Orabella Laser Tag

Laser Joe

RayFill Laser Tag

Morsello Laser Tag

Eurebo Spark

Bluebelle Laser

Lazer Elet

VictaFun Laser Tag

Breeobot Laser Tag

Crexx Laser Tag

Giant Bullet


AeroMax Laser Tag

Laser Antrix


FunGate Laser Tag

GoodFirst Laser Tag

Veumio Laser

Laser dellin

hello Laser

TrueLove Laser


LOve Metz Laser

Jossver Laser

Aless Laser

Laser Lex

Lazzo lit Laser

Elvin Laser

Orelli Laser

Lumi Fun Laser


Lazer Combat

Combat Trail

ReyFlex Laser Tag

Laser First

Serene City Laser Tag

Tiny Cross Laser

Laser Fluence

FunTyde Laser Tag

MachoBattle laser

NorthBig laser


Funvibes Laser

BlankElly Laser

Tendera Laser

laser Zest Laser

La Veu Laser Tag

Presario Laser Tag

Cendent Laser Tag

megaTrex Laser

Magma Laser Tag

WaterNest Laser Tag Co.

VIctor Laser Tag Co.

Sienna Laser Tag Co.


Enomott Laser Tag Co.


Indotrex Laser Tag Co.



Alphex Laser Tag Co.

Supreva Laser Tag Co.



Moticca Laser Tag Co.


Adexxin Laser Tag Co.



Enesta Laser Tag Co.

Vistegrip Laser Tag Co.


Indowave Laser Tag Co.



Cevuvox Laser Tag Co.

Brunox Laser Tag Co.


Circoblex Laser Tag Co.


SensiFlex Laser Tag Co.


IronHex Laser Tag Co.

Upright Laser Tag Co.


Triton Laser Tag Co.

Ignix Laser Tag Co.

Quzz Laser Tag Co.


Cool Laser Tag Names

Neon Nights

Laser Thrills

Galactic Defenders

The Pit of Doom

Laser Verse

Ninja Taggers

The Laser Dome

Lost Dimension

Kingdom of Lights

Astro Blaster

Laser Raiders

Virtual Laser City

Laser Paradise

Adrenaline Fusion

Turbo Zone

Laser Battle Zone

Pixel Blast

Laser Force

Monster Mutants

Buzzing Lasers

Laser World Escape

Target Masters

Eagle Eye Adventures

Fast Moving Lasers

Laser Combat Centre

Zapp Arena

Laser Sword

Photonics Delight Arcade

Star Chaser

Depth Raider

Time Deception

Reality Sedation

Head Rush

Sinister Resonance

Mind Bender

Expedition Laser Tag

Lazer Zone

Lazer Xtreme

Cool Laser Games

Planet Storm

Laser Tag Adventure Centre

Dragon’s Laser Tag World

Lazer Quest

Fun with Lasers

Ghost Town Laser Tag

Targeted Entertainment

Shadow Zone

Laser Tag HQ

The Galaxy Quest

Laser Tag King

The Eviscerator

Laser Death Trap

Laser Falldown

Master Splinter’s Dojo

Cold War Bunker

The Singularity

Escape from Universe

Ninja Blitz

Future World

Delta Force Laser Tag

The Wild West Arena

King of the Ring

Knockout Zone

Crazy Maze Arena

Laser Gladiator Arena

X-treme Warrior

Midtown Madness

Welcome To The Jungle

Kill Chamber

Crimson Castle

Doom Station

Danger Zone Ville

Galaxy Scape

The Vortex

The Dragon House

Strike Zone

Million Dollar Laser Tag

Laser Ground Zero (LGZ)

Field of Dreams

Sniper Alley

Battleship Isle

Top Secret


Mission Control

Sigmund’s Castle

Vanilla Bean

Three Alarm Fire

Six Feet Under

Laser Factory

Star Force Arena

Alien Invasion Centre

All Area Laser Tag

Mega Laser Tag Centre

Awesome Odyssey Arena

The Galactic Centre

Ace of Lasers

Maverick Laser Tag

Top Tier Laser Tag

Laser Brigade

Ninja Laser Tag

Simulated Wars Inc

Mega Laser Gaming Arena

Tactical Fitness

King of The Laser

Arena of The Future

The Hidden Oasis

Kingdom Fort

Mystical Grove

The Dungeon Assault

Dark Side of the Moon

Planet Fear

Deep Space

Out of the Loop

On the Edge

Boomerang Laser Tag

Castle Hart

Dragon Forge

The Fort of Doom

Terminator Laser Tag

Dusk Arena

Monster Bash

Sky High

Jungle Laser Tag Arena

Woodsman’s Delight

Laser Caves!

Sunburn Alley

A Pirate’s Life

The Empire Strikes Back

Zombie Lab

Coldstone Fortress

High Impact Arena

Apex Arena

Destination Galaxy Laser Tag

Intergalactic Arena

The Empire Strikes Back


Danger Zone 707

Get Lazed

The Grid


Fairyland Laser Tag

Laser Tag Planet

Mega Battle

Dinosaurs vs Robots

Red Planet Station

Mission Impossible

Operation Dark Knight

Space Laser Castle

The Cornfield Shootout

All Things Unlight(ness)

Pink Panther

Arena 360

Thunder Dome

Planet X

Last Stand

Omega One

Zero Gravity Laser Tag

Fun in A Flash!

Sky City Laser Tag

Full Spectrum LLC

Vulcan Force Lasertag

Live Fire Laser Center

Laser Tag League

Laser Tag Castle

Frenzy Laser Tag

The Laser Blaster

Mission Impossible Laser Tag

Superheroes on Duty

Laser Frenzy

Cold War Laser Tag

Laser Sci-Fi Zone

Downtown Laser Tag

Alien Laser Shooters

Lost Galaxy Laser Tag

Cosmic Troopers

Realm Warzone

Galaxy Laser Tag

3D Laser Tag

Heroes Laser Tag

Taggers Playhouse


Knights of Laser

Blazing Laser Tag

Dead Zone Laser

Play Point Laser Tag

Laser Ville

Frenzy with Lasers

Adrenaline Tag

Spin Zone Laser Tag

Darkness Fallz

Wide Open Laser Tag

Laser Assault Enterprises

Battle Royale Laser Tag

Laser Tag Maniacs

Double Dragon Laser Tag

The Walking Dead Laser Tag

Quantum Leap Laser Tag

Speedee Sizzle

Skydiver Crawlspace

All the Gray Areas

Bug Zapper Safari

The Flash Saves Christmas

Into the Crossfire

Hologram Combat

Galactic Fight Club

Galaxy Warfare

Supernova Arena

Super Laser Tag

Longarm Laser Tag Arena

Black Hole Station

Playful Panda

Wonder Rave Laser Tag

Karma Laser Tag

Swift Deja Vu Tag

Battle of the Planets

Asteroid Blaster

Dragon’s Lair

Spec Ops Laser Tag

Hell’s Kitchen

Gates of Destruction

Death Trap Laser Tag

Temple of Doom

Laser Tag Kingdom

Tag Quest

Duel Quest

Blast Off Entertainment

Light ‘Em Up

Battle Dome

Laser Storm

Glow Tag

Mission Laser Tag

Neon Laser Nation

Cosmic Explosion Center

Laser Tag Empire

Xtreme Havoc Laser Tag

Extreme Invazion

Live Combat Laser Tag

Color Guardians

Glow Fever

Laser Wranglers

Star Blazers

Attack of the Robots

Spot on Game

Arsenal Laser Tag

Dodge and Shot

Fire Away

Tag Attack

King of the Hill

Laser Dazzle

Tag Carnival

Boom Boom Pow

Lasers and Lace

Bad to the Bone

Laser Focused

Zap Blast Off

Fantastic Laser Tag

Phazer Battle

Mad Minute Games

Precision Laser Ops

Lazer Force


Cosmic Combat

The Last Stand

Space Cadets

Alien Invasions

The Warriors

Shoot Em Up

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