2000+ Escape Room Team Names Ideas and Suggestions

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Best Escape Room Team Names Ideas and Suggestions

Rocket Squad

Steel Owl

Door Sherlock Room




Fox in a Box

Down the Rabbit Hole

Perpl EXIT



Wizards and Wires

Bayou Escape Rooms

Secret Stashes

The Vanishing Act

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

A Disappearing

Riddled With Riddles

Low Key

Bull City Escape


Solved Walls

Puzzling Plot

Skeleton Key

Room Run


The Renegade Team

Nightmares Alive

Solve And Succeed

Trap Door Escape Room

Escape Mystery Rooms

The Farewell Force

House Of Riddles

Adequate Escape

Timed Mystery Quests

Prison Break

Magic Word

Passcode Escape

Save The Princess

Collateral Spaces

In Treasures

Vault Escape

Iron Man Reality

All You Need Is Math

Scorpion Escape Room

My Castle Escape

The Enigma Room

Hidden Valley Escape

Clay ‘n’ Cajun

A Life Escaped

Void Breakout

The Runequest Crypt

Duck & Firkin

Nimrka’s Escape room

The Hidden Temple

Pace Opera Group

The Nightmare Game

The Hidden Fortress

Gravity Escape Rooms

The Old York Room

A Dying Charm

The Hive Escape Room

The Breakout Cellar

Ding Room of Horror

Serenity Baths

Mystery Night Escape

Unforgettable Escape

Escape Room Encore

Rv Escapes

Clutter’s Scrap

Treasure Escape Room

The Vault of Dreams

Unwind Escape

Tk Secret Rooms

Anchor Sleep

Sealed In

Crumblin’ Clock

The Vault Encore

Escape Quest Lab

Murder Trap Palace

The Puzzle Lounge

Crystal Escape Room

Leo’s Revenge

Dream Landscape

Slay Me Dead

Catalyst 2EE

Skydive Rooms

Exile The Vault

Ymca Escape

Murder Trap

Catchy Escape Room Names

Escape Tales

Show Time Escapes

Escape Love

Artistic Escapes

The Secret Lab

Break the Code

Escape Code

The Exit Strategy

Enigma Escape Room

Escape This Place

Heist Adventures

Glamorous Escapes

Time to Escape

Be Trapped

Art of Escape

Escape Manor

Secret Chamber

The Puzzle Box

World of Escapes

Crazy Scientist Lab

Room Escapers

The Master Key

Escape Room Solutions

Dr. Lockwood

Post-Apocalypse Room

Goofy Fun House Room

Mind Games Puzzle

Escape to The Beach

Technologist Games Inc.

Escape and Live

Exit Game

The Clock Is Ticking

The Heist

Clues HQ

Sherlock Exit Games

Escape Room HQ

Amazing Adventures

The Secret Society

Stolen Empire Room

Unlock This Co.

The Mystery Portal

Blown Away Escapes Inc.

The Interrogation Room

Locked in Savannah

Puzzle Masters Escape Room

Solve the Riddles

Zombie Outbreak Room

Escape Labs

Riddles for Cash!

Break a Leg Interiors

Funky Monkey Puzzle Rooms

Classroom Escapes

Puzzle Escape City

Beat the Clock

Escape Clubhouse

Missing Links Escape Plan

Code Breakers

Hidden Clues

The House of Hints

Emergency Escape

Escape from Reality

X-Treme Escapes

The Great Escape

Escape Walk of Fame

The Prison Breakout

3D Escape

Unlock the Room

Breakout Games

Unblock Me

The Great Escape Cellar

Secret Mystery Chamber

Think Outside the Box!

Ace Amusement

Escape Room Junkies

Escape Zone

Poisoned Rooms

The Escape

Mission X

The Hidden Clues

Panic Room Mystery

The Void Rooms

Escape Room Tycoon

Fatal Error

Mastermind Boardroom

Door to Door Escapes

Hide and Seek Escape Room

Locked in The Tower

Lock and Key

Time Travel Games

Freeing Gooseberry House

Gamers Palace

Key Master

Abracadabra Escape Rooms

Pirate Ship Adventure

Ace Escape Room

Key Quest

Unlock the Room

Escape Hunt

Final Exit

Escape Club

Escape from Bermuda

Puzzling Co.

Escape Outlet

Escape Masters Inc

The Haunted House

The Amazing Escape

Lost Room Escape

Amazing Escapes

Escape the Teahouse

Throwback Escape Room

Escape or Die

Secret Agent Room

Funny Escape Room Names

Constantly Escaping

Tea Locked

The Big Burp

Room Challenge

Superman Escape Room

Blood Brothers Escape

The Dental Escape

An Inconvenient Truth

The Retro Room

Back to the Future

The Mysterious Murder

Homeward Bound

Mission Improbable

A Knight with No Glory

The House with No Doors

Get Out Alive

Aliens, Hell or Prison?

Find Your Way Out

The Quest Escape Game

Fight for Freedom

A Medieval Adventure

The Space Mission

Sherlock’s Palace

Escape the Haunted Mansion!

The Tomb of the Pharaoh

Run for Your Life!

Vault of the Vampire

Escape from the Lava Room

Room of Extreme Peril

Obscure Cabin in the Woods

Their Grave Mistake

Escape from the Past

Sugar Rush Situation

Whet Your Whims

The Clue Emporium

Gold and Quills

The Wild West

Room of Doom

Explorer Room

Freefall Lodge

Intense Escape

Dead Linger

Infinity Escape

Happiness Over Rope

Riddle a Secret

The Vault Aesthetics

Dangerous Mode North

Eco Crooked

Nemesis  Room

Escape Room Toronto

Naked Treasures

Aruba Noir

Parkside Adventure

The Vault by Alex

Escape Room Epilog

Boulder City


Nightmare Pcs

The Riddle Box

The Climbing Room

Riddle Me Again

Room Kings


A-1 Stone City

Kintori Escape

Revelation LV

Treasure Royale

The Buried Well

The Vault

Deathtrap Rooms

Anubis The Escapist

Mystery Room

True Vault

The Room Art

The Opera Twist

Breakout Valley

Le Grand Voyageur

Red Room

Fantasy Terror

Jk Breakaway

The Cage

Nightmare Jump

DLC Escapes

The Riddle Shack

Room Paradise

Slots of Luxury

Mystery Midnight

The Hidden Lab

Clever Escape Room Names

A Lock Away

Escape Game Cafe

Lock, Stock, and Barricade

Zookeepers’ Escape Challenge

Abandoned City Escape

Escape Room Mansion

Escape the Castle

Mystery Mansion

The Puzzle Room

Mind Maze

E-Scape Games

Castle Break-Out

Think Tank Escape Room

Terror Trapped

Escape Room Box

Fire Escape Games

The Lock and Key Club

Secret Mission

Alcatraz Detective Agency

Escape from Hell

Grandpa’s Attic Escape Game

Dr. Evil’s Escape Plan

The Gene Cafe

Mind-Rip Manor

Boxroom Inc

Family Fun Escape Room

The Spy Who Wanted to Be Caught!

The Locked Gates

Exploding Zoo Escape Rooms

Escape Botswana

Revenge of The Lost Scrolls

The Black Box

Ambition Escape Rooms

Room of Riddles

Game Master

Legacy Evasion

Vault of Solitude

Master Escape Artist

Escape from Temptation

Time Capsule Escape Room

Pirates Cove

Clue Finders, Inc.

Enigma Escape Rooms

The Final Mystery

No Way Out

The Escape Artist

Houdini’s Prison Breakout

Escape Portraits

Mystery in The Museum

The Double Agent Case

The Clue Room

Code Ransom

Dash for Freedom

Cube Challenge

Behind Bars

The Pandora’s Box Escape Room

Time Warp Escape Game

Time to Escape

Alpha Beta Escape Rooms

Inferno Escape Inc.

Creative Escape Room Names

The Castle

Escape Room Express

Escape from The Zombie House

Twisted Escape Room

Mysterious Room

Allure Escape Rooms

Escape the Clock

Escapes and Challenges (E&C)

Art Escape

Exit the Room

Shutter Room

Ace Detective Agency

The Haunted Library

Mind Trap

Diamond Quest Exit Games

The Clique House

Zodiac Escapes

X Room Adventure

Crime Lab Escape

Breakout Kings

Time Travelers Wanted

Jail Break Escape Games

Real Escape Room

Step out Games

Time Masters

Solve for Escape

Evade Reality

Locked Up

The Escapists

The Mystery Team

Mental Mischief Crew

Mind Games Escape

End of The Tunnel

Castle Escape

Mind Map Escape Room

Columbo’s Escape

Operation Takeover

Buried Alive

Lock N’ Seek Co.

Spy Mystery Game Room

Room to Stand Out

Locked Adventure

Escape Incorporated

Escape Supply Co.

Escapades Unlimited

3D Maze Inc.


Clueless Escape Rooms

The Deep Escape

Ready to Bolt

Running Along

Escape Chamber

The Hidden Cave

Escape Room Games

Top-Level Mystery Hub

Solve the Mystery

Lock and Key

Secretive Dungeon

Race To Escape

Bail’Em Out Rooms

Room To Train

Resolvement Breakouts

Tick Tock Escape Room

Adventure Escape

The Puzzle Box

Nightmares Alive

An Inconvenient Truth

Escape 2 Life

Ogre’s Cave

Room of Riddles

A Puzzle Game Over

Exit Efforts

The Nightmare Escape

Challenge Accepted

The Crypt Room

Without a Trace

Guzzle Escape Room

Not Playing Games

QC Mind Games

Escape the House Riddler’s Office

Tallest Tower Breakout

Master Escape Artist

Zebic Escape Rooms

Bull City Escape

Secret Agent Room

Exile Escape Room

Safe Harbor Escape Rooms

Impossible Escapes

The Nightmare Room

Pr0star Escape Room

Flash Bang Breakout

Locked In Escapades

Dark Room Experience

Room Adventures

Chase of the Gods

Blue Escape Vegas

Cove Escape Room

Prison Break Escape Rooms

Xe2 Escape Room

The Vanishing Act

Finding Freedom

Break Free Feat

Escaper’s Edge

The Sliding Escape

Lion Escape

Escape Tempe

Making Tracks

The Quickly Departed

Hitting the Road

LH Escape Room

Funky Monkey Puzzle Rooms

Epic Adventure Room

The Escaped Chamber

Homeworld Nightlife

Access & Egress

A Ghostly Escape

Flying the Coop

Dream Bath

Zack’s Quest Escape

Leap and Escape

Cryptic Escapes

Savage Escape

Escape Room Paradise

Buried In the Cave

Scape Escape

Escape Your Face

My Ultimate Escape

Mystery Room Escapes

Homeward Bound

Classroom Escapes

WhizKid Escapes

Riddle Perplexity Ventures

Scuba City Treasures

Let’s Split-Up

On Our Way Out

Scary Escape Room Names

The Haunted Gallery

Never Mind the Door

The Buried Room

Lost Tomb

The Trapped Sauna

Fiery Furnace

The Secret Lab

Potion Quest

The Poisoned Candy

Curse of the Sword

Beyond the Wall

Dark Chambers

The Zombie Apocalypse

Secret Tunnel

The Asylum

Strangling Forest

Slay or Stay

Sorcerer’s Secret

Wizard Room

Escape Wizard

A Journey Through time

Hidden in Time

Sons of Hogwarts

Chamber of Secrets

Curse of the Goblin King

Survive This

Abandon All Hope

The Haunt

Rest in Pieces

The Morgue

Dead Drop Escape Games

Hangman’s Alley

Mirror Maze

Files of Police Squad!

The Alchemist’s Apprentice

Don’t Tell Mom

The Abandoned Barricade

The Cursed Room

Abandoned Cabin

The Prison Breakout

Wicked Asylum

Stay Alive

The Old Graveyard

The Secret Door

Legally Blonde

The Forgotten Schoolhouse

Zombie Roundhouse

Forbidden Tomb

The Zombie Dungeon

Keyhole Secret

Danger Zone

The Gas Chambers

Fear House

Ghost of the Dungeon

The Colorful Forest

Bug Bottles

Temple of Messianic Evil

The Gauntlet Master

The Seeker of Songgesh

The Tower of Oblivion

Dragon King Chamber

The Chaos Crystal Cave

Lucky Escape Room

A Hidden Code

Post-Apocalypse Room

Get Out Mission

Sleeper’s Escape

Traintracks Escape Rooms

Blue Mountain Games

The Room of One

Inscape Adventures

Baffled Beyond Belief

Journey into Madness

Puzzles & Clues

Code Breakers

Dragon’s Den

Tornado Room 113

Game Master

Break Free Escape Rooms

OddMinded Escapes

Monocle Escape Rooms

Trap Door Escape Room

Hills Escape Room

Escape Day

Jungle Drop

Brainy Quest

Puzzle Escape City

Daring Escapes

Sneaking Away

Moonlight Flit Escapes

Reality Escape Room

Escape from Temptation

The Old Opera Escape

Hidden Escape Room

Clue Fever

Fleeing Forces

The L Word Escape

Skyward Escapes

Escape Room Kings

Avoiding Detection

The Farewell Force

Villa of the Raven

Emerge Free Room

Time’s Up Escapes

Terrror Park Escape

Locked Up

Door Dash

Forced Family Fun Games

Escape Room Mania

Mystery Room Ten

Garden Labyrinth

Desert Treasures

Break Free 603

Finding Houdini Experience

Conquer Escape Rooms

Odd One Escape

Fight Or Fly Room Escape

Epic Escape Room

Rooms to Spire

Riddles & Padlocks

Crooked Escape

Escape Room Bliss

Dark Basement Breakout

Under Problems

Blue Cat Jump

Epic Breakout

Mild Adventurers

The Greatest Escapers

Overture Escape Room

Hidden Room Escape

A Gentle Escape

The Cave of Slime

Inheritanic Adventure

Myst Cave

Tumble Escape

Treasure Night Out

Riddlers Escape

Winding Path Escape Rooms

Exact Escape Room

A Disappearing Act

The Renegade Team

A-Real Escape Room

Escape Room Xpress

Somewhere Secret Escape Game

Crown Escape Room

Killing Floor Escape

Dreamway Escapes

Journey of Clues

Beat the Clock

Killing Joke Escape

Outsider Adventure

Unsealed Nightmare

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